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Storied Conductor in New York City, NY

Conductor in New York City, NY

Welcome to the official site of Per Brevig a talented conductor in New York City, NY, who is also a lauded trombone player, music director, educator and founder of the Edvard Grieg Society, Inc., New York. Here you can read press releases, view photographs, and even watch lessons from one of the masters. If you have any questions about past, current, or future events, please reach out.

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Per Brevig Was Just Selected
President of Musicians Club of New York

Musicians Club of New York founded in 1911 by musicians from Metropolitan Opera, New York Phil Harmonic, Leading Church Music Directors, Impresarios, Bankers, Lawyers, and Philanthropist. The musicians club of New York was lead to early prominence by Walter Damrosch and continues to play a vital role in the music life of New York.  Over 100 years later while providing a stimulating social and professional networking environment for its members.

Through it's sponsorship of free open to the public concerts its competition for young artists and composers, its annual benefits gala, and other special events the club works towards toward fulfilling its mission of nurturing and promoting the highest level of music in our culture.

The Musicians Club of New York continues to carry out these important services with the generous monetary contributions and enthusiastic voluntary participation of its members. It is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and membership dues and donations are tax-deductible.


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Trombone Player in New York City, NY

"Per Brevig Plays Trombone Concert at Carnegie"

Edvard Grieg Society's Program

Edvard Grieg Society's Program for 5/16/2008

Edvard Grieg Society's Program

Edvard Grieg Society's Program for 5/22/2001

Edvard Grieg Society Concert Poster

A Review of an Edvard Grieg Society Concert

A Review of Brevig's Concert Honoring Those Lost in the 2011 Attack in Norway


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