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An Acclaimed Music Conductor in New York City, NY

Conductor in New York City, NY

Per Brevig brings passion and enthusiasm to his role as an acclaimed music conductor in New York City, NY. His monumental musical talent has served him well. It blossomed as a jazz enthusiast and lead him to the heights of being a highly regarded recital trombonist and orchestra conductor.

Brevig’s many accomplishments include being a highly praised trombone player, music director, educator, and founder of the Edvard Grieg Society, Inc. For a glimpse into the career of one of the most praised musical talents of our time, please feel free to browse the press releases and view photographs. We are happy to hear from you at any time if you have questions about past, current, or future events.

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A Journey to Greatness

Per Brevig’s professional music career began at 16 as a trombone player in his homeland of Norway. He played in the Norwegian military band for three years, starting in 1953, while also gaining recognition for his solos in local concerts and radio broadcasts. After playing with the military band, a scholarship allowed him to study in Denmark, under Palmer Traulsen, lead trombonist of the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra.

Now an experienced musician, Brevig followed a freelance trombone player career. From 1966 to 1970, he was the principal trombonist in the American Symphony Orchestra, performing works by Ferdinand David and Lars-Erik-Larsson.

Brevig was named president of the Musicians Club of New York in June 2018. He is now musical director and conductor of the Grieg Festival Orchestra, with some of the most talented New York freelance musicians. Learn more here:

Creating the Edvard Grieg Society

Per Brevig founded the Edvard Grieg Society to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the storied composer in 1993. Thanks to Brevig’s leadership, the society has produced more than 100 critically acclaimed events, from recitals to broadcasts to orchestra concerts.

Trombone Player in New York City, NY

"Per Brevig Plays Trombone Concert at Carnegie"

Edvard Grieg Society's Program

Edvard Grieg Society's Program for 5/16/2008

Edvard Grieg Society's Program

Edvard Grieg Society's Program for 5/22/2001

Edvard Grieg Society Concert Poster

A Review of an Edvard Grieg Society Concert

A Review of Brevig's Concert Honoring Those Lost in the 2011 Attack in Norway

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